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Let there be light

How Lares' technology is changing dentistry



For decades, the process of Caries removal in dentistry has been one requiring extensive time and cost for both dentists and patients alike—not to mention the invasive and finicky nature of the procedure. It would be the kind of surgery that would involve repeat visits, and that could be very hit and miss.    


Well, thanks to extensive research by Lares, we have changed the face of dentistry forever.


No longer will you need to utilise probing, dye, x-rays or camera images in identifying caries in your patients. With the power of light, Lares has streamlined and simplified the process to make it easier, safer and more accurate.

Introducing: Fluoresce HD Dual Wavelength Swivel Coupler from Lares Research USA.


All from one device, you will be able to easily switch between bright white light and UV light with the Lares patented dual wavelength switching technology. It is the kind of revolution that both you and your patients are going to love.  

Everything about this device is a game-changer—but it is in the advanced fibre optic UV light where you will really see the advantages. This technology provides an instantaneous map of a patient’s tooth, revealing which parts are healthy and which parts are not. Strong teeth structure is illuminated in green, contrasted with those unhealthy caries areas shown in orange and red.

With the coupler, you will be able to remove a patient’s decaying tissue in a far safer and more accurate fashion, even allowing for restorative materials such as resins and cements to appear in a different colour again, meaning only the minimal amount of surgery needs to occur. It really is the kind of technology that is changing the face of dentistry.


Fluoresce HD Dual Wavelength Square-203258-edited


Beyond the technology itself, the way it can be integrated into your existing practice is also radical. At Lares, we have ensured that you don’t need complicated new systems installed. Provided your dental surgery has a Multiflex connection, then the coupler can be integrated into your existing equipment either via your air turbine or your electric handpiece—the choice is yours.

And the best part of the Lares technology for you? It is on its way to Australia. From its home in America, it has already been trialled in New Zealand with a fantastic response, and we are expecting the same enthusiasm and success for the product in Australia. You can read more about the journey of Lares from concept to research to development right here.

If you would like to see the technology in action for yourself, then you are in luck. At, Medi-Dent we are always happy to show off our technology, and as the exclusive supplier of Lares, we are the only company who can show it to you.

There are three upcoming opportunities to see this equipment for yourself:

  • Firstly, if you are in Melbourne, you can have an in-surgery demonstration on either Wednesday the 8th of August or Thursday the 9th of August, 2018 - provided you have a Kavo connection.
  • Alternatively, we will also be at the ADIA Victorian Dental Show in Melbourne on Friday the 10th of August and Saturday the 11th of August, 2018 - and we’d love to see you there for a demonstration and any questions you may have.
  • Not in Melbourne or not available on the above mentioned days? That's OK. If you have Kavo Connection in your surgery and you would like to learn more about Fluoresce HD Dual Wavelength coupling and Lares handpieces line with integrated caries detection, fill in our FREE demonstration enquiry form and we will contact you to schedule your demonstration on a day and time that suits you best.

Register now for an in-surgery visit or get down to the show—and you will be able to see first-hand what this technology can do. For more details and to register, click here.

The message is simple: if you want to stay at the absolute forefront of dentistry, then it is time to embrace the power of light with the Lares Fluoresce HD Dual Wavelength Swivel Coupler.





Posted by Marketing @ Medi-Dent on August 01, 2018